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Tennis Courts Guidance

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Following updated government guidance these Tennis courts are now open.

They can only be used under the following restrictions:

  • At all times, you should continue to observe social distancing guidelines ensuring you are 2 metres away from anyone outside your own household.
  • You can play with one other person from a different household, but social distancing guidelines must be observed with this person.
  • Use is for singles play only other than where players are all from the same household in which case doubles play is allowed.
  • You should not use these facilities if you are showing coronavirus symptoms or if you or any of your household are self-isolating.
  • Avoid changing ends or change at the opposite side of the net.
  • Only handle your own equipment and personal tennis balls which should be clearly marked.
  • No coaching sessions allowed.
  • No shaking hands with other players.
  • Allow others to leave the courts before entering to play, wait away from the gate.
  • You should wash your hands or use hand sanitizer as soon as possible after play.

To use this facility, you must book a court via the website.

If there are any problems with the court, please report these to